Ashford stories

We work towards the approval and appreciation of our patients with each interaction.

Lcda. Itza Soto

Executive Director

Maydelise Columna - Patient of the Women's center

​Thanks to a routine checkup, my cancer was detected on time

Regardless of your age, routine checkups are vital for prevention. Last year I was surprised to find a category 3 cancer thanks to the hospital, its technology and its great team of employees. The service was excellent and I 100% recommended it.

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Natalie and Daniel - Gynecology and delivery room patients

After losing three babies, God had prepared a surprise for them

After we got married, we longed to have a baby, but after that third loss we lost hope of becoming biological parents. Sometimes, however, when science says something is impossible, God shows up and says, “I’m here and I'm going to make it possible!

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Dra. Rosa Bonilla - Director of level 3 NICU

Get to know Itzán Nikolas’s beautiful story

Itzán Nikolas was born full term but we quickly realized that something was off. He was intubated for a month. One of the most emotional days for me was when I saw his mother kneeling in prayer in front of the divine child. God and science listened to us.

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Elizabeth De Jesús - COVID-19 survivor

An associate of the hospital talks to us about her experience with the virus

At first I was afraid because I didn’t know what I was up against. Many things crossed my mind thinking about how my body and my family were going to react. There is a point where one feels oneself falling, but it is important to never lose faith.

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